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Offline Judging: Manually Using Printed Score Sheets

If your judges are in one physical location (such as at a hackathon), you may prefer to have them score submissions using paper and a pencil, as opposed to using Devpost's judging platform. This article will explain how judges can score submissions manually using printed score sheets.

Printing score sheets

When you visit the manager dashboard for your hackathon, click on the main tab labeled “The Challenge,” then the tab labeled “Judging/Voting.” You will see a button labeled “Print Judging Sheets.” Clicking this button will bring you to a new page with the score sheet. Print one copy per judge.

The score sheet lists every submission that is visible in the gallery and that has been marked “judge.” The hackathon judging criteria are listed under each of the submissions on the score sheet. There is also a space for the judge to provide additional notes.

If a submission is missing from the score sheet, revisit the “Submissions” tab in the manager dashboard and ensure that the submission in question is 1) visible in the gallery (marked with the green eyeball icon) and 2) has been marked “judge.”

The scale you use to rate submissions is up to you, but we recommend that each criterion be rated on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 as the lowest rating and 5 as the highest rating).

Manually ending the judging period

After you’ve collected each of the completed score sheets, aggregate the scores and determine who your winners are. Before announcing winners through the Devpost platform, you will need to manually close the judging period. Click the tab labeled “Select Winners” and then click the button that says “Close the judging period.”

In order to do that, the public voting and judging periods must have already ended. If you’re ready to announce winners and the public voting or judging period has not yet expired, you’ll need to manually end them by changing the end dates and times. To change the date and time at which public voting ends, visit the manager dashboard and select the tab labeled “Edit Challenge,” then the sub-tab labeled “Public Voting.” To change the date and time at which judging ends, select the tab labeled “Edit Challenge,” then the sub-tab labeled “Judging.”

After you’ve completed these steps, you’re all set to announce winners! If you need help announcing winners, check out our article on awarding hackathon winners.

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