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Public Voting

Public Voting is a great way to engage people around your hackathon. We see the largest activity and traffic around a hackathon during the public voting period. We have implemented a simple but secure public voting functionality to obtain verified public votes and reduce voter fraud.

Setting it up

When you create your hackathon, public voting is on by default and recommended.

Turning on / off public voting

In the “Public voting” section of the “Edit Challenge” area, you can toggle public voting on or off.

Choosing the dates

Choose the dates that your public voting will take place in the “Dates” section of the “Edit Challenge” area. Though not recommended, you can adjust the dates at a later date.

Leave yourself enough time to review the submissions before public voting starts. Allow at least a week and in most cases more time to review every submission.

Starting Public Voting

Public voting will start on it’s own as long as there are no more submissions to review.

If submissions are not all reviewed.

We’ll send you an email like the following:

Public voting will attempt to start again once those conditions are met.

What can users do?

Each user may vote on a submission once but may vote for as many submissions as they like. This is the only voting strategy currently available on the site.

Each user must have a verified account on the site before a vote is considered valid.

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