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Awarding Prizes to Hackathon Winners

To close your hackathon, you need to award prizes to the winners. When you award winners, you simply match the prizes you defined earlier to the winners you select. See Setting up prizes for more information.


You will not be able to award prizes to winners until the judging and public voting periods have ended.

Selecting the winners

To award prizes, click Select Winners on the tab labeled The challenge. You’ll see the prizes you defined earlier on the left. On the right side of the page shows a sortable list of public voting scores (if public voting is enabled), as well as the judging criteria and scores for each submission.

After you’ve selected the winners, click on the yellow Continue to announcements button on the bottom right.

Sending a message

An automatic email will be sent to the winners once you announce winners on the platform. You have the option to add a custom message to the winners and the nonwinners, or just the winners.

Please note: You can add additional text to the body of the standard email below, but you cannot modify the existing text. If you don’t want to add an additional message to the winners or nonwinners, you can just leave both fields blank.

In the two images below you can see how your custom message would appear in both emails if you chose to include them.

For the winners

For the non-winners

Publishing the winners

After you’ve defined the custom messages,you need to choose when to publish the winners: immediately or at a specific date and time.

Please note: you must choose one of these options in order for winners to be announced.

The at a specific date and time field defaults to the winners announcement date you defined when you first created the hackathon. But you can select any date and time to make the announcement. If you change the date and time of the announcement, it will also be changed publicly on the hackathon homepage. If you choose immediately, the winners will be published on the hackathon homepage immediately.

Please note: as soon as your winners are announced on the platform, an email update goes out to everyone following your hackathon. This message will also appear under the Updates tab.

Once your winners have been published, a button will appear on the homepage of your hackathon that links to the Submission Gallery where the winning submissions will be marked with a “Winner” ribbon. In addition, a Winners Gallery will appear on the homepage displaying the winning submissions.

Once you’ve announced the winners, that’s it! You’ve successfully ended your hackathon.

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