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Tips & best practices for filling out the Submissions tab:

The Submissions tab allows you to set the dates of the submission period and create the submission form. You’ll also be able to change some options that determine how submissions will be displayed in the public gallery.

Submission Period

Online hackathons typically run from a few weeks to a few months. We recommend making the submission period at least 3 months to give submitters time to create their apps.

We highly recommend that you do not start or end a hackathon at 12 p.m. or 12 a.m., as we have found that this leads to confusion among submitters.

In-person hackathons typically run 1-2 days. We recommend making the submission period start at the time and date when hackers are allowed to start working on their projects so they can get right to work.

Final Reminders

The Final Reminders text will appear at the top of the Submission form. If a user is reading this text, it means he or she has registered for the hackathon and can now access and start filling out the submission form. This is a great opportunity to briefly summarize the requirements and explain what must be included with each submission.

File Upload

If you are asking your submitters for any documents, you will want to set File Upload to On. It is only possible to upload one file, so if you are asking your submitters for multiple files, they will have to combine them all into one PDF or upload them all in a ZIP file.

Once you have filled out the Submissions tab, continue on to the Public Voting tab.

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