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Creating Hackathon Rules - Standard Info

You will want to work with your attorney to make sure the Official Rules include clear and compliant language around the following basic areas.


What are the key dates & times such as the deadline for submissions and the announcement date for winners?


Who can participate? Individuals, teams, and organizations? What’s the minimum age for individuals? Are there any limits on team or organization size? What are the residency and location requirements? (Note: different countries may have different laws). For organizations, do they need to be domiciled or have their primary place of business in an eligible country or just have an employee there?

Submission Requirements

What do contestants need to create? What do you need in order to screen, test, or evaluate submissions? Be careful not to create too many requirements that deter participation or force you to disqualify submissions you want to include.(See below for more detail on software challenges).

Submission Rights & Display

What do you (the sponsor) get the right to do with the submission? Do you want the right to use the winners’ names to promote the competition? What rights will you have to use the submission (aside from displaying it on the website)? Consider carefully any rights you’re asking of contestants or winners.

Prizes & Winner Selection

What are the prizes? How will the winners of each prize be determined? Are there any circumstances where the prize(s) won’t be awarded?

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