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Creating Hackathon Rules - Submission Requirements

Below are some things to cover with software submission requirements. Your attorney may not have a lot of experience with software competitions, so work with him/her to make sure appropriate wording is included in your rules.

Functioning App

Does the submission need to include a fully functioning app? If so, how is that defined for the competition? If not, what is required (e.g. design, clickable prototype, video of an app on a simulator)?

What to enter

Aside from a link to the app, what else are you requiring contestants to submit to describe or demonstrate the app and/or make it available for testing?


The Devpost platform accepts links to YouTube, Vimeo or Youku. Are you requiring a video? Does it need to include a demonstration of the app? Are there any limits or suggestions on length?

File Upload

The platform allows submitters to upload one file, though they can combine files into a single ZIP file. Are you requiring any file uploads, such as installation files?


The platform requires contestants to enter an entry name and description. Include any specific instructions for these and any custom fields we’ve created for you in your rules.


What operating systems or devices can the app run on?


Is the app required to use an API, SDK, or data set?

Topic / Categories

Are there any category requirements, content, or specific functionality the app must include?

New vs. Existing

Do apps need to be new for the competition? Are existing apps eligible? What about existing apps that have been modified or include new functionality?

App Store

Do apps need to be up on the relevant app store? If not, do they need to be submitted to the app store before the submission deadline? If the app is not publicly available, what is required for testing?

Commercial Apps

Can contestants charge the public for their apps? Include in-app advertising?

Multiple Apps

Can contestants submit more than one app?

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