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Creating Hackathon Rules - Communicating Requirements

It’s important that the requirements above aren’t just buried in the Official Rules! You want visitors to your hackathon site to learn quickly whether they are eligible and what they need to create. We recommend repeating and summarizing key requirements in other places:


Create a few bullets in the About the Challenge section with the key eligibility and submission requirements. Provide a brief summary in the How to Enter section.

Eligibility and Requirements Sections on Homepage

Although it seems redundant, we encourage you to include a quick overview of the basic eligibility and submission requirements on the homepage in common terms. This helps to call out the most important bits of information.

Enter a Submission

Remind contestants about the key requirements in the instructions text at the top of the page and in the File Upload and Video URL instructions.

FAQ (if you have one)

Call out the key requirements on the FAQ page and add new questions and answers as they come up.

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