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Updating Hackathon Rules

We recommend avoiding updates or changes to your rules after the competition launches unless absolutely necessary. If you think it is necessary, you should consult your attorney. Here are a few practical suggestions to consider in addition to the advice from your attorney:

Don’t disadvantage anyone

Contestants may have started work based on the rules in place at launch. Avoid changes that could put them at a disadvantage or make them wish they had started in a different direction.

Don’t do it last minute

Don’t change dates at the last minute! Contestants who worked hard at the end may be unhappy with a last minute extension of the submission deadline or winner announcement date.

Update everywhere

If the rules change, be sure to update any related language elsewhere on the site, such as the Enter a Submission page, How to Enter, and FAQ.


Communicate important changes to the rules using the communications features in the Devpost manage area. Consider sending:

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