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Participants page / forming a team

Hackathons are more fun with a team! Visit the Participants page to see other users who are registered for that hackathon. Before the submission deadline, this page provides registrants options to form a team.

If you’ve registered for the hackathon, you’ll see yourself at the top of the list. In this area, you’re able to indicate if you’re looking for teammates or not via the checkbox option. If you’re looking for a team, complete the text box to introduce yourself, and ideas you have, or what kind of teammates you’re looking for.

If you see someone you’d like to team up with, click the “Message” button to compose a message and send them an email. The email will be sent from the email address associated with your Devpost account, so the person you’re messaging can reply to you directly. You’ll only be able to message each user one time.

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